Managed Services

Our breadth of expertise is most valuable to our customers in managed-services arrangements, where we handle every aspect of your translation requirements, acting as an independent, embedded team, or a partner to your existing staff.

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Our customers


major international telecommunications provider

“Micado Innovation GmbH reacts to our requirements flexibly and is able to scale the services accordingly. The tight delivery times are always reliably met.”

- Head of Corporate Language Management

world’s leading logistics company


world-leading manufacturer of lifting equipment

“For us, Micado is so much more than just a language service provider. With its Managed Services approach, they are the hearts and brains behind our multilingual content strategy.”

- Head of Language Services
Translation and localization
for your international content strategy.
Reliability, results-oriented, exacting quality standards, customer-focused—these are the hallmarks of Micado Innovation.

Your needs

Are you looking to have an important document translated as quickly as possible? Or do you need access to an entire translation department to localize a global portfolio of products or services?

Whatever it is, we always offer custom solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you need just one document translated or a whole team of experts for a complex project, Micado Innovation has the solution you need. Offering fast turnaround, highest quality and a context focused approach, we are always here to help. We believe in building long lasting and trusted relationships with our customers to better understand their needs and ensure they receive the very best service.

Our profile

As a small to medium-sized company, we support a select group of customers. With our small but strong team of experts you, as the customer, are always at the heart of what we do: Communicating quickly and efficiently enables us to consistently deliver the highest quality of service and respond with flexibility to all your requests, even at short notice. There is always a personal contact available to you who is fully informed about your request. Our global network ensures high availability and a quick turnaround.

All our team members are qualified professionals in translation, localization or terminology and have in-depth experience in handling complex projects in the field of computer-aided, multilingual document management. Working on projects with as many as 70+ languages has provided us with a wealth of knowledge in the configuration and implementation of innovative software solutions for all your language service requirements.

Our Managing Director, Dr. Adriane Rinsche, provides Micado Innovation with strategic focus and support, drawing on her broad background with a PhD in computer linguistics and over 30 years of experience in the following fields:

  • Developing computer-aided, multilingual document management solutions
  • Business consulting, with a focus on process optimization
  • Creation and management of several global companies

Backed by this strong and efficient team of professionals, we are uniquely qualified to meet all your translation/localization needs.