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Comprehensive services, professional advice and the right software solutions: together, we can manage and optimise your content lifecycle using AI – from creation to translation. Save time and money with our customised solutions.

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Our customers

major international telecommunications provider

“Micado Innovation GmbH reacts to our requirements flexibly and is able to scale the services accordingly. The tight delivery times are always reliably met.”

- Head of Corporate Language Management

world’s leading logistics company

world-leading manufacturer of lifting equipment

“For us, Micado is so much more than just a language service provider. With its Managed Services approach, they are the hearts and brains behind our multilingual content strategy.”

- Head of Language Services
Translation and localization
for your international content strategy.

Micado Innovation is the ideal partner for building international brand and business presence. As a specialist in high-quality translation and localisation of any type of text, Micado Innovation boosts companies’ global content strategies through innovative language services as part of multilingual content preparation for target groups. Micado Innovation is no ordinary language service provider: through our tried-and-trusted managed services offering, we can act as a centre of expertise for clients, efficiently meeting every translation need from beginning to end. In addition to professional terminology management, our innovative consulting solutions and software training offer yet more process optimisation services that are highly valued by a wide range of clients.

Reliability, results-oriented, exacting quality standards, customer-focused—these are the hallmarks of Micado Innovation.

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Managed Services

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