Our Provider NetworkYou need a well-functioning delivery chain for successful service. We achieve this by identifying qualified, suitable and reliable providers.

Although Micado Innovation is staffed to handle the majority of customer projects internally, there are times when external, specialized resources are required. (Examples are expertise in translation of unique dialects or languages, proofreading, desktop publishing, and language engineering/file preparation, to name a few.) In those cases, we rely on a cadre of respected, proven resources who act as subcontractors to our projects. This way, we can tap into very specialized experts for projects without the added expense of headcount. For you, this means three things:

  • You receive the best service available from translators with the expert knowledge you require
  • Our service delivery to you is seamless, since service providers are selected carefully to meet the standards of excellence we demand
  • Our prices remain competitive through a contracting vs. employment situation

Please note that the service providers we engage operate under our same, strict rules of confidentiality and non-disclosure.