Managed Services

Our breadth of expertise is most valuable to our customers in managed-services arrangements, where we handle every aspect of your translation requirements, acting as an independent, embedded team, or a partner to your existing staff.

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…is more than a buzzword for us. We are ISO 17100 certified.
Translation and localisation run in our veins
Reliability, results-oriented, exacting quality standards, customer-focused—these are the hallmarks of Micado Innovation.

Every team member is trained in the fields of translation, localization and terminology. Each professional has extensive experience in handling complex projects in the field of computer-aided, multilingual document management. We support 40+ languages. Along the way, we’ve gained extensive knowledge in configuring and implementing innovative language software solutions.

Our owner, Dr. Adriane Rinsche, provides ongoing, strategic direction and support. As a graduate computer linguist, Dr. Rinsche has unparalleled experience in the fields of:

  • Developing computer-aided, multilingual document management solutions
  • Business consulting, with a focus on process optimization
  • Creation and management of several global companies

Armed with this impressive team of professionals, we are uniquely qualified to serve your translation requirements.