Managed ServicesOur breadth of expertise is most valuable to our customers in managed-services arrangements, where we handle every aspect of your translation requirements, acting as an independent, embedded team, or a partner to your existing staff.

Here’s how it works: We will review your translation requirements and your current process in detail. Based on this research, we’ll develop an optimization plan that’s tailored to you. Best of all, we do the heavy lifting:

  1. You send us your original content
    1. We review and analyze it
    2. We determine the most suitable process
    3. We submit your content for translation by our staff
    4. We communicate any unique needs with your service providers
    5. We coordinate receipt and delivery logistics with your service provider
  2. You receive the final, translated content

Let our team join yours to create the global materials you need to compete in today’s global economy. Our localization services let customers know you’re a viable presence in their country, adding credibility to your product or service.

As a managed-services provider to your company, we work side-by-side with your teams. We understand your business and your communication needs. We understand your technology and your marketing messages, so your translated materials are on target, regardless of the country.


Every company that contracts with Micado Innovation is assigned a project manager, whose job it is to dig into your business to understand your strengths and challenges. For our managed-services customers, this person is a single point of contact, responsible for replying to questions quickly and handling every aspect of the services we deliver. Your project manager is your go-to person representing Micado Innovation. Our project managers are fully trained, and we expect a great deal from them in their role. Their main objective in the delivery of our services? Put simply, your success in language and translation.

Liaison for Your Service Providers

Your project manager handles every aspect of your project implementation, acting as liaison between you and the service providers who handle your content, whether it’s marketing messages from an advertising agency, or engineering drawings or specifications for sell sheets and product documentation, or training content for a global software or hardware deployment. Regardless of the source, your Micado Innovation project manager will handle every aspect, from multiple sources.

Process Implementation

Our project methodology is deceptively simple and requires no intervention on your part. Here’s how it works: Let’s say your company receives a variety of marketing materials from its advertising agency. The documents include a press release, a spec sheet, and sales collateral for a new product launch.

  1. First, your Micado Innovation project manager reviews the documents—their file formats and contents.
  2. Assuming there are no unique circumstances, the project manager initiates our translation process in accordance with the workflow outlined in your contract.
  3. If the file formats or contents are more complex, your project manager contacts the ad agency to determine the best path forward. This conversation is never adversarial, because Micado Innovation values good business relationships with any vendors who also provide services to our customers.

This approach ensures that the process works smoothly. We involve you only when absolutely necessary, to provide guidance. This way, you can focus on what you do best and rely on us to do what we do best.

Translation Services

Translators at Micado Innovation are experienced professionals, each with expertise in a specialty area. They are required to attend ongoing training to ensure they are current in terms of research, technology and business practice. This ensures a “big picture” viewpoint is applied to each translation project, a perspective that acknowledges complex business factors in specific industries and ensures that the appropriate and current terminology is applied.

As part of our process, translated documents are vetted through our quality process before delivery. This is a two-step process: Each file is peer-reviewed, and as a second step, it is also tested through translation software, ensuring every document is not only technically and grammatically perfect, but also logical and on-target for its audience.


Your project manager’s job is to understand your business process and recommend ways to make your documentation workflow more efficient and cost-effective. In short, we will look for ways to make your process more streamlined—and your job easier.

We don’t do this through guesswork. We track every aspect of your translation projects, to collect meaningful data and evaluate it on a regular basis. This way, we uncover ways to improve your process, adapting workflows to your unique needs and requirements. Through data collection, our objective is to fine-tune your process for optimal results.