Our Services

Do you simply need an important document translated, immediately? Or do you need to staff an entire translation department, to localize a global suite of products or services? In either case, we offer custom solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Whether you need one document translated, or an embedded team of experts, Micado Innovation has the solution you need.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for your immediate and critical translation needs. But when the rush is over, consider the value we afford in an ongoing partnership relationship.

Controlled LanguageClear, structured language is a key element of business success: Corporate language, style guides, and editorial guidelines allow you to optimize both the external impact and internal processes of your company.

Machine TranslationNeural machine translation is THE buzzword in the translation industry. Many employees use free providers, including for work purposes: Read on to find out about the risks involved and the advantages that make machine translation so appealing.

Proofreading, review & revisionAt Micado Innovation, we aim for the high quality and adhere to best practices and proven standards, such as DIN EN ISO 17100.

Desktop Publishing, layout & multilingual typesettingDesktop Publishing is the process of creating and designing web and print ready documents.

Subtitling / TranscriptionThere is nothing, these days, that can beat the power of moving images: After all, videos can reach a larger audience than endless pages of writing.

Managed ServicesOur breadth of expertise is most valuable to our customers in managed-services arrangements, where we handle every aspect of your translation requirements, acting as an independent, embedded team, or a partner to your existing staff.

Translation, Localisation Management, QATranslation? Localization? Which is right for you, to support your success in today’s global economy?

Data ManagementWhen it comes to improving your workflows, we don’t rely on guesses. We build cost efficiencies and optimize your processes through data and analysis.

Our Provider NetworkYou need a well-functioning delivery chain for successful service. We achieve this by identifying qualified, suitable and reliable providers.

Software LocalisationLocalization of software presents unique challenges. Micado Innovation can help bring your software to international markets in multiple languages.