Our Services

Are you looking to have an important document translated as quickly as possible? Or do you need access to an entire translation department to localize a global portfolio of products or services?

Whatever it is, we always offer custom solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you need just one document translated or a whole team of experts for a complex project, Micado Innovation has the solution you need. Offering fast turnaround, highest quality and a context focused approach, we are always here to help. We believe in building long lasting and trusted relationships with our customers to better understand their needs and ensure they receive the very best service.

Data ManagementWhen it comes to improving your workflows, we don’t rely on guesses. We build cost efficiencies and optimize your processes through data and analysis.

Controlled Language

The benefits for you
Professional corporate identity strengthened by consistent language and style
High potential for savings in the downstream translation process

What we do
Provide style guides and editorial specifications
Give independent advice on selecting and implementing content creation tools

TrainingThe best software is a waste of money if it’s used incorrectly. Let us train your team for optimal efficiency.

Software LocalisationLocalization of software presents unique challenges. Micado Innovation can help bring your software to international markets in multiple languages.

Proofreading, review & revision

The benefits for you
High-quality published text
Avoidance of content errors

What we do
Monolingual proofreading of the target text
Monolingual review of the content or
Comprehensive bilingual review

Process Optimisation & AutomationAre your language workflows functioning at top efficiency? Can parts be automated? Micado Innovation will find out!

Language EngineeringGet your translation project off to a better start through language engineering.

Desktop Publishing, layout & multilingual typesettingDesktop Publishing is the process of creating and designing web and print ready documents.

Subtitling / Transcription

The benefits for you
Strong corporate identity
Broad acceptance in target groups

What we do
Create and translate subtitles, including media production
Transcribe audio


The benefits for you
Personal contact instead of anonymous helpdesk
Fair pricing models

What we do
Provide tailored, clear advice on:
Translation software, e.g.: memoQ, SDL Trados Studio, Plunet BusinessManager, DeepL and other machine translation systems
Systems to support content creators: e.g. Acrolinx