The right use of specialist language and terminology can significantly improve the consistency and quality of your text.

How do risks emerge and how can they be avoided? Various different stumbling blocks can come up with technical documents, but Micado Innovation is always on hand to give you advice and practical support.

Why multilingual corporate communication is essential

There is growing demand for translations due to increasing globalisation. A greater number of exports and the communication they entail mean companies have to operate in different languages. In terms of multilingual documentation, that starts with

What to consider when developing multilingual business communication

Do you want to market your product internationally in different languages and need to create multilingual versions of all your documents? Or perhaps you already sell in different languages and have established the initial processes? If so, you will be no stranger to the fact that this can be a costly, time-consuming affair. All project stakeholders, both internally and from outside your company, have to be involved, with files, queries and specifications being passed back and forth. The top priority, however, is to translate every single item of your business communication – from operating instructions to user interfaces – sometimes in highly technical fields, such as mechanical engineering.