Translation, Localisation Management, QA

The benefits for you
Higher recognition value for your company in international markets thanks to content in the local language
Time and cost savings through the use of memories

What we do
Use native speakers in the relevant target countries
Computer-aided translation and revision by experienced specialist translators
Quality assurance throughout the translation process

Translation? Localization? Which is right for you, to support your success in today’s global economy?

It’s true now more than ever: Accurate language translation can make or break your success in a global expansion. Obviously, there are times when accurate translation of text into a native language is necessary purely from a regulatory perspective. In addition, if you’re moving into new marketing territory, your messages must match your original intent but also align with local idioms and subtle turns of phrases, country by country and region by region.

Staff translators at Micado Innovation understand the important difference between translation and localization.

We work with you to determine what level of translation and localization is necessary for your project. With our expertise in this field, we can help you decide on a case-by-case basis which level of translation is appropriate and required.


Either way, the process starts with an accurate translation. Our staff translators apply a “big picture” approach to your documentation, taking into consideration complex business relationships in the course of their work and ensuring that the correct and current industry-specific terminology is used. Micado Innovation translators are required to attend ongoing training in their area of specialty, not only keeping them current on each topic, but also broadening their subject knowledge.

Our current subject specialization areas include IT (Information Technology), business process optimization, marketing/public relations, and a variety of specialized technologies.

What specialty do you require? Chances are good that we can accommodate it through our extensive, global network of professional translators, each one distinguished by many years of experience and conscientious work.

Translation of Confidential Documentation

We guarantee the privacy of your confidential content. We honor, respect and enforce the principles and terms of every customer’s non-disclosure agreement (NDA), and can provide chain-of-custody reporting, if requested, as your material moves from your secure site to ours. Your content is handled carefully, and will never be forwarded to any unauthorized party.

We can also accommodate special security requirements, including separate, dedicated servers for email and document storage.


Certified translations are a special situation, with unique requirements depending on national regulations. Differing provisions may apply to foreign authorities. Certified translations are sometimes required in cases such as tenders and visa applications. The authorized translator will certify that the translation is an accurate representation of the original text. Certified translators are authorized to perform this task only after obtaining official clearance from a regional court, higher regional court, or from another governing body.

Our customers rely on us to perform this service when necessary. This process is handled by our project managers, who review the specific requirements and engage an appropriately qualified certified translator.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is a hallmark of the service we provide to customers. Our QA process is both high-tech and high-touch.

  • High-tech QA: We use industry-standard software tools to validate our text translations. These tools often include translation memory and terminology management systems to ensure the technical accuracy of a translation.
  • High-touch QA: We also rely on peer review, because “four eyes are better than two,” as the saying goes. Despite the amazing capabilities of technology for translation review, there is simply no substitute for a careful review by another knowledgeable translator.

In the end, our objective is to deliver translations of high quality, accuracy, and for our text localization projects, an authentic “voice.” We believe our QA process helps us consistently deliver this on behalf of our customers.

We are ISO 17100 certified