Proofreading, review & revision

The benefits for you
High-quality published text
Avoidance of content errors

What we do
Monolingual proofreading of the target text
Monolingual review of the content or
Comprehensive bilingual review

At Micado Innovation, we aim for the high quality and adhere to best practices and proven standards, such as DIN EN ISO 17100.

This is the rule we work by: Translations are always made by qualified translators with long-standing experience who are also native speakers of the target language and experts in the relevant specialist field. All translated documents are subject to checking and verification by the project manager. This is what constitutes our basic package.

In addition, as part of our quality management we offer the following full package, or individual elements of it, depending on the customer's request and needs:

Quality Management

Definitions and distinctions

Clear and accurate distinctions between terms are important, as Goethe, Germany's most celebrated literary figure, already knew back in the 18th-19th century. To paraphrase his words:

In a myriad of terms is little clarity,
much error and but a spark of verity.

For one thing is clear: not all corrections are alike.

Proofreading is a monolingual check of the target text before publication (spelling, grammar, punctuation and formatting). This is sufficient for translations intended for information only.

The next level is the review (editing by a specialist in the field) where, in addition to proofreading, the content and style of the document are checked and its technical details are scrutinized with an expert's eagle eye. This level should be chosen as a minimum if translations are aimed at a wider audience.

The revision is a comprehensive bilingual review. In addition to the review process, the translation is checked against the source text to cover the following points:

  • consistency
  • readability and ease of comprehension
  • conformity with the specifics of the text type
  • compliance with customer and project-specific requirements
  • attention to reference material
  • terminology
  • content and meaning
  • checking of names and numbers for correctness
  • completeness

It is also part of the revision to ensure that specific customer requirements are met (terminology, corporate branding etc.) and that the text does not contain any errors in meaning. The latter is extremely important as the translated text may contain misinterpretations without affecting its readability. Avoiding these serious errors is paramount.

Micado Innovation as your trusted partner

Micado Innovation is the go-to expert for all your translation, review, and revision needs.

Our services available to you: the quality levels from translation and proofreading through to complete revision – with a review of technical or legal content as an additional option.

Plus: We adjust the scope of service to suit your individual needs and provide you with a tailor-made service package.