Process Optimisation & AutomationAre your language workflows functioning at top efficiency? Can parts be automated? Micado Innovation will find out!

When it comes to translating your company’s materials and documents, there are several variables that come into play. The challenge is balancing them to find the optimal equation of cost, quality and delivery time. Of course, high-quality, quick and cost-effective translations are the ideal. But many internal departments lack the resources to provide all three.
If your job pulls you in too many directions and your department is understaffed and overextended, leave translations to the experts. Micado Innovation will work with you to examine existing workflows and develop a plan for an optimal translation process.
If we recommend a translation software system as part of our recommended solution, we stand by to oversee its implementation.
Rely on our project managers for process optimization, including:

  • Handling file preparation (language engineering)
  • Communicating with and selecting appropriate service providers
  • Configuring translation software
  • Managing implementation reviews with respective partners

Contact us to learn about our process optimization capabilities.