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Customer: Terex Material Handling & Port Solutions

The Challenge

Terex required translation of a variety of materials. The project was complicated by a variety of factors, including different messages, audiences and process workflows throughout departments in the corporation. However, for each deliverable, Terex required customer-specific documentation. Translation using off-the-shelf software could not achieve the level of customization Terex required.

The Solution

The Micado Innovation solution featured several components:

  • Processing of all language services was required (a simple, word-for-word translation was inadequate)
  • Focus on the customer was identified as a top priority
    • Customer-specific conventions were identified and adhered to
    • Work instructions were documented in the form of guidelines
    • Customer was responsible for selecting providers
    • Cloud solution was specified by the customer for the data server
    • Management and control was managed by external language service, with core team embedded at the customer site
  • Customer-specific optimization of workflows
  • Finely tuned QA process
    • Number formats, units of measure
  • Optimized work processes due to ongoing automation and standardization
  • Close contact with all specialist departments as well as the core team
  • Efficient use of translation resources
  • Custom solutions for premium translations