TerminologyConsistent language and terminology goes a long way toward effective communication.

In the translation world, “terminology” refers to the unique acronyms, words and technical phrases used in a particular industry or corporation. Companies develop their own vocabulary of acronyms and terms that would confuse an outsider. Accurate and consistent terminology is critical to clear communication.

Along with a corporation’s culture is its unique language. This specific vocabulary carries recognition value in the industry, strengthens a corporate identity, and resonates with target audiences. Translations must support the nuances of a corporation’s unique language to ensure that messaging is consistent across geographic boundaries.

Micado Innovation is uniquely positioned to address translations with specific corporate terminologies. We would like to consult with you to determine the best approach based on your individual requirements, to give your communication its greatest impact, both internally to your employees and to external audiences.

Here are a few of the terminology services we offer:

  • Terminology extraction
  • Formatting and consolidation of existing data records
  • Introduction of formalized terminology processes

Contact us to discuss your needs for terminology services.